A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::ofi::Stats Class Reference


struct  FlowStatsState
 State of the FlowStats request/reply. More...
struct  PortStatsState
 State of the PortStats request/reply. More...

Public Member Functions

 Stats (ofp_stats_types _type, size_t body_len)
void DoCleanup (void *state)
 Cleans any state created by the init or dump functions. More...
int DoDump (Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice > swtch, void *state, ofpbuf *buffer)
 Appends statistics for OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice to 'buffer'. More...
int DoInit (const void *body, int body_len, void **state)
 Prepares to dump some kind of statistics on the connected OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice. More...

Public Attributes

ofp_stats_types type

Private Member Functions

int AggregateStatsDump (Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice > dp, ofp_aggregate_stats_request *s, ofpbuf *buffer)
int AggregateStatsInit (const void *body, int body_len, void **state)
int DescStatsDump (void *state, ofpbuf *buffer)
int FlowStatsDump (Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice > dp, FlowStatsState *s, ofpbuf *buffer)
int FlowStatsInit (const void *body, int body_len, void **state)
int PortStatsDump (Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice > dp, PortStatsState *s, ofpbuf *buffer)
int PortStatsInit (const void *body, int body_len, void **state)
int PortTableStatsDump (Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice > dp, void *state, ofpbuf *buffer)
int TableStatsDump (Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice > dp, void *state, ofpbuf *buffer)

Private Attributes

int(* AggregateDumpCallback )(sw_flow *flow, void *state)
int(* FlowDumpCallback )(sw_flow *flow, void *state)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 145 of file openflow-interface.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ns3::ofi::Stats::DoCleanup ( void *  state)

Cleans any state created by the init or dump functions.

May not be implemented if no cleanup is required.

stateState information to clear.
int ns3::ofi::Stats::DoDump ( Ptr< OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice swtch,
void *  state,
ofpbuf *  buffer 

Appends statistics for OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice to 'buffer'.

swtchThe OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice this callback is associated with.
stateState information.
bufferBuffer to append stats reply to.
1 if it should be called again later with another buffer, 0 if it is done, or a negative errno value on failure.
int ns3::ofi::Stats::DoInit ( const void *  body,
int  body_len,
void **  state 

Prepares to dump some kind of statistics on the connected OpenFlowSwitchNetDevice.

bodyBody member of the struct ofp_stats_request.
body_lenLength of the body member.
stateState information.
0 if successful, otherwise a negative error code.

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