A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::Angles Struct Reference

#include <angles.h>

Public Member Functions

 Angles ()
 Angles (double phi, double theta)
 Angles (Vector v)
 Angles (Vector v, Vector o)

Public Attributes

double phi
double theta

Detailed Description

struct holding the azimuth and inclination angles of spherical coordinates. The notation is the one used in "Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design", C.A. Balanis, Wiley, 2nd Ed., section 2.2 "Radiation pattern". This notation corresponds to the standard spherical coordinates, with phi measured counterclockwise in the x-y plane off the x-axis, and theta measured off the z-axis.

   z | 
     |_ theta
     | \
     | /|
     |/ |   y
    /  \|
x /  phi

Definition at line 71 of file angles.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::Angles::Angles ( )

default constructor, will initialize phi and theta to zero

Definition at line 61 of file angles.cc.

ns3::Angles::Angles ( double  phi,
double  theta 

this constructor allows to specify phi and theta

phithe azimuth angle in radians
thetathe inclination angle in radians

Definition at line 68 of file angles.cc.

ns3::Angles::Angles ( Vector  v)

this constructor will initialize phi and theta by converting the given 3D vector from cartesian coordinates to spherical coordinates

vthe 3D vector in cartesian coordinates

Definition at line 75 of file angles.cc.

ns3::Angles::Angles ( Vector  v,
Vector  o 

this constructor initializes an Angles instance with the angles of the spherical coordinates of point v respect to point o

vthe point (in cartesian coordinates) for which the angles are determined
othe origin (in cartesian coordinates) of the spherical coordinate system

Definition at line 81 of file angles.cc.

Member Data Documentation

double ns3::Angles::theta

the inclination angle in radians

Definition at line 117 of file angles.h.

Referenced by ns3::OneVectorConstructorTestCase::DoRun(), ns3::TwoVectorsConstructorTestCase::DoRun(), ns3::operator<<(), and ns3::operator>>().

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