A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::EpcX2Sap::CellMeasurementResultItem Struct Reference

#include <epc-x2-sap.h>

Public Attributes

CompositeAvailCapacity dlCompositeAvailableCapacity
uint16_t dlGbrPrbUsage
LoadIndicator dlHardwareLoadIndicator
uint16_t dlNonGbrPrbUsage
LoadIndicator dlS1TnlLoadIndicator
uint16_t dlTotalPrbUsage
uint16_t sourceCellId
CompositeAvailCapacity ulCompositeAvailableCapacity
uint16_t ulGbrPrbUsage
LoadIndicator ulHardwareLoadIndicator
uint16_t ulNonGbrPrbUsage
LoadIndicator ulS1TnlLoadIndicator
uint16_t ulTotalPrbUsage

Detailed Description

Cell Measurement Result Item as it is used in the RESOURCE STATUS UPDATE message. See section for further info about the parameters

Definition at line 191 of file epc-x2-sap.h.

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