A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::MinstrelWifiRemoteStation Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

uint32_t m_col
uint32_t m_currentRate
 current rate we are using
uint32_t m_err
 retry errors
uint32_t m_index
bool m_initialized
 for initializing tables
bool m_isSampling
 a flag to indicate we are currently sampling
uint32_t m_longRetry
 long retries such as data packets
uint32_t m_maxProbRate
 rate with highest prob of success
uint32_t m_maxTpRate
 the current throughput rate
uint32_t m_maxTpRate2
 second highest throughput rate
Time m_nextStatsUpdate
 10 times every second
int m_packetCount
 total number of packets as of now
uint32_t m_retry
 total retries short + long
int m_sampleCount
 how many packets we have sample so far
uint32_t m_sampleRate
 current sample rate
bool m_sampleRateSlower
 a flag to indicate sample rate is slower
uint32_t m_shortRetry
 short retries such as control packts
uint32_t m_txrate
 current transmit rate
- Public Attributes inherited from ns3::WifiRemoteStation
uint32_t m_slrc
uint32_t m_ssrc
uint8_t m_tid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file minstrel-wifi-manager.cc.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t ns3::MinstrelWifiRemoteStation::m_col

To keep track of the current position in the our random sample table going row by row from 1st column until the 10th column(Minstrel defines 10) then we wrap back to the row 1 col 1. note: there are many other ways to do this.

Definition at line 57 of file minstrel-wifi-manager.cc.

Referenced by ns3::MinstrelWifiManager::DoCreateStation(), ns3::MinstrelWifiManager::GetNextSample(), and ns3::MinstrelWifiManager::InitSampleTable().

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