A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::ofi::Port Struct Reference

Port and its metadata. More...

#include <openflow-interface.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t config
 Some subset of OFPPC_* flags.
unsigned long long int mpls_ttl0_dropped
Ptr< NetDevicenetdev
unsigned long long int rx_bytes
unsigned long long int rx_packets
uint32_t state
 Some subset of OFPPS_* flags.
unsigned long long int tx_bytes
unsigned long long int tx_dropped
unsigned long long int tx_packets

Detailed Description

Port and its metadata.

We need to store port metadata, because OpenFlow dictates that there exists a type of request where the Controller asks for data about a port, or multiple ports. Otherwise, we'd refer to it via Ptr<NetDevice> everywhere.

Definition at line 122 of file openflow-interface.h.

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