The laboratory is located in the Forsyth building on the main Boston campus of Northeastern University. There is approximately 700 sq. feet of laboratory space.

Spherical Vessel

A 6 inch diameter central ignition vessel that can withstand pressures up to 425 atmosphere. It is equipped with piezoelectric pressure transducer and ionization probes.


Cylindrical Vessel

A 5.25 inch cylindrical vessel with the aspect ratio of 1 with two windows for optical access.



Optical System

Schlieren and shadowgraph pictures can be taken with a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera capable of taking pictures up to 8000 frames per second.





Oven Assembly

The spherical vessel is placed in an oven for high initial temperature experiment of liquid fuel. The oven includes a separate manifold with heater and pressure gauges for liquid fuel injection.