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ECE PhD Proposal Review: Chengju Yu

October 22, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

PhD Proposal Review: Development of Interface-Engineered Thin Films and Magnetodielectric Bulk Composites for MMIC Applications

Chengju Yu

Location: Zoom Link

Abstract: Magnetodielectric materials are ubiquitous in electronic, energy, automotive, communication, and medical systems over radio frequency bands from high frequency to quasi-optical frequencies. With recent developments in modern power and communication technologies, improvements in magnetic materials and related components have attracted a great deal of attention from academic and industrial research groups.
In this proposal review, we demonstrate multiple paths to the development of next generation magnetodielectric thin films and bulk composites that offer disruptive advances to performance and size reduction, including:
(i) Consistent and reliable processing protocols are established using interface-engineered barium magnetoplumbite films deposited on Si-polar SiC substrates with AlN capping layers and MgO nucleation layers for microwave and millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs);
(ii) Both thin and thick yttrium iron garnet films are achieved using PLD and LPE with outstanding crystalline and magnetic properties to meet the needs of magnonics and spintronics technologies; (iii) Inductor cores are developed for power generation, conversion, conditioning functions for use in power electronic systems and high-power pulse generators operating at 100s kHz and 100s MHz frequencies, respectively. Power loss and thermal management models of non-linear magnetic inductors are established and implemented with viable paths demonstrated using interface-engineered composites as a means of achieving high magnetization, high permeability, low core losses.
The common theme of all three projects is the engineering of the chemistry, structure, magnetic and electric properties of the interface between the principal layers, films, and grains that constitute the product in order to optimize performance.


October 22, 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Electrical and Computer Engineering
MS/PhD Thesis Defense