Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Business, Entrepreneurship, & Leadership

Our students develop as innovators and leaders not only by our distinctive approach to experiential education and research, but also through novel initiatives in  entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

Engineering Entrepreneurship

The Michael J. and Ann Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education provides education on tools, concepts, and resources to foster creativity and the ability to develop commercially viable ideas. It offers a host of programs and resources, including semester-long courses in product innovation and design, an entrepreneurial engineering minor, an entrepreneurial mentor program, a student-run product development studio, and a co-op program for students to work on their own new ventures. The Center is open to students across the University and also partners with other organizations within Northeastern’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education

Engineering and Business

With the Edward G. Galante Engineering Business Program, engineering students have the opportunity to complement their technical engineering education with business skills and enriching networking and growth opportunities. Students earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree as well as an Engineering Business Certificate, of which four courses can be applied to an MBA at Northeastern.

Galante Engineering Business Program

Engineering Leadership

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program is a National Academy of Engineering-recognized institute offering a graduate certificate in Engineering Leadership which can also be taken in combination with most engineering master’s degrees in the College of Engineering. For undergraduate students, a supplementary curriculum to the co-op program is offered to make engineering leadership development a focus of the co-op experience.

Engineering Leadership

Student Experiences

How collagen could help heal your torn rotator cuff, Achilles tendon, meniscus and more

The spinoff company BrilliantStrings Therapeutics of BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti and mechanical engineering alum Jeff Paten, PhD’14, made it to the “final four” of the “ARPA-H Dash” competition to accelerate health outcomes.

Using Spark Fund Award to Create 3D-Printed Materials Inspired by Nature

MIE Associate Professor Yaning Li is using the Spark Funds she received earlier this year to design better ways to protect EV batteries by creating a tiled auxetic metamaterial inspired by nature. Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Battery Protection — with Spark Awardee Professor Yaning Li Nature is a treasure trove of incredible engineering feats, showcasing remarkable […]

Carolyn Lee-Parsons

Using Spark Fund Award to Combat Chemotherapy Drug Shortages

ChE/COS Associate Professor Carolyn Lee-Parsons is using the Spark Funds she received earlier this year to develop methods to produce more plant-derived chemotherapeutic compounds to meet drug shortages. Her goal is to engineer a way to economically and repeatably get plants to overproduce certain compounds in sufficient quantities to meet the drug’s demand. The Spark Fund will help with funding the project, securing a full patent, and helping the team take the research out of the lab and apply it to real-world problems in society.

Shaping the Future of Education in Africa

ECE Alum Mohamed Kante, E’12, founded iNERDE is to inspire and empower African youth to learn the skills they will need to make discoveries, think critically, and prosper in an evolving world.