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Engineering Leadership

The Gordon Engineering Leadership program is a transformational graduate curriculum offered by the Gordon Institute for Engineering Leadership in partnership with the College of Engineering at Northeastern University. Each year, a select number of highly qualified engineering professionals pursue the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program as part of a Master of Science degree in any engineering discipline or as a standalone Certificate in Engineering Leadership. Graduates of the program, known as Gordon Fellows, emerge with the capabilities and confidence to lead the engineering breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Program Details

An MS in Energy Systems student accepts an award with his group.
Ricardo Careaga (left), MS in Energy Systems, and his group accepting the grand prize at the 2019 MIT CTL Research Expo. He credits the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program for equipping him with the diverse skills to succeed by expanding the learning beyond just engineering work.

Graduate Student Benefits

Gordon Fellows will demonstrate an exceptional ability to lead engineering teams by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to influence others to achieve their collective goals. 

Gordon Fellows acquire these essential capabilities through a concentrated curriculum of advanced leadership and technical coursework, one-on-one mentoring, and a market-worthy project based on the organization’s strategic needs. 

At the end of the program, Gordon Fellows emerge with the confidence, vision, and technical dexterity to drive positive change within their organizations.

Undergraduate Program

The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership also offers the Gordon Undergraduate Engineering Leadership Program (GUEL) which is an undergraduate subset of the graduate-level Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL) at Northeastern University.

The primary objective of GUEL is to enhance the value of Northeastern’s world-renowned cooperative education (co-op) program by offering a supplementary curriculum that makes engineering leadership development a focus of the co-op experience. 

During their undergraduate studies, engineering students complete up to three six-month co-ops, working for any of Northeastern’s more than 3000 co-op employers.  To ensure the greatest potential for leadership growth, students are invited to participate in GUEL during their second or third co-op experience. 

The program includes a series of engineering leadership development activities focused on developing leadership skills, engaging in more meaningful interactions with their supervisors, and taking active roles in shaping their overall co-op experiences.


Program Contacts

Simon Pitts
Program Director,  Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

Amy Manley
Director of Admissions and Marketing,  Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

Steven McGonagle
Industry Relations & Engineering Leadership Director,  Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

Steven Klosterman
Industry Relations & Engineering Leadership Director & Professor of Practice in Engineering Leadership,  Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

Kristin Hicks
Director of Operations,  CenSSIS
Partnership & Education Services Coordinator,  Gordon Engineering Leadership Program

Deanna Beirne
Senior Director of Research Computing and Technology Transfer,  Gordon-CenSSIS , ALERT & Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership