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Latest News

Creating New Sensor Technology

ECE Associate Professor Cristian Casella and Professor Matteo Rinaldi were awarded a patent for “Subharmonic tags for remote continuous and threshold sensing.”

hongli zhu

Advancing All-Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries

MIE Associate Professor Hongli Zhu received a $770K grant from the DOE Office of Science for “Uncovering the mechano-electro-chemo mechanism of fresh Li in sulfide based all solid-state batteries through operando studies”.

Damilola Daramola

New Methods to Improve Phosphorus Recovery

ChE/COS Assistant Professor Damilola Daramola’s research on “Considerations for Electrochemical Phosphorus Precipitation: A Figures of Merit Approach” was published by The Electrochemical Society.

Lucas Landherr

Studying the Impact of Comics as Visual Learning Tools

ChE Distinguished Teaching Professor Luke Landherr was awarded a $300K NSF grant for “Conservation Principles, Illustrated: Analyzing the Impact of Informal Visual Learning Tools on Educational Engineering Through Comics.”