ALERT Awarded Patent

ALERT members Carey Rappaport & Jose Martinez-Lorenzo awarded a patent for “Signal processing methods & systems for explosive detection & identification using electromagnetic radiation“.

Abstract Source: USPTO

In some aspects, the disclosure is directed to signal processing methods and systems for identifying a material on a body of a person using electromagnetic radiation. A radar system may measure a first reflection of radiation incident on a body of a person. The first reflection may be from a surface of the body. The radar system may measure a second reflection of the radiation. The second reflection may be from a first material residing on or proximate to the surface of the body. An analyzer may determine, relative to the first reflection, a delay in the second reflection due to propagation of a portion of the radiation through the first material. The analyzer may determine, based on the delay, at least one of: the first material and a dielectric constant of the first material.

Related Faculty: Carey Rappaport, Jose Martinez Lorenzo

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering