Assistant Co-Op Coordinator Jessica Ormsby Receives CEE Excellence in Teaching Award

Jessica Ormsby, Assistant Co-Op Coordinator for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), received the Department’s 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award. Ormsby, a 2000 graduate of Northeastern University, returned to the school to join the College of Engineering Cooperative Education team after a 14-year career supporting civil and environmental engineering projects at a local architectural engineering firm.

The award is conferred by the CEE Student Advisory Council, which bestows the honor to one faculty member in consultation with nomination letters from staff, students or fellow faculty. According to the Council, “Ormsby was awarded the CEE Excellence in Teaching Award to recognize the great work she has done taking on new responsibilities this year, leading the CEE co-op program, and engaging with students… [She] is a critical member of the CEE department. We are incredibly grateful for her dedication and the extraordinary effort she puts forth for students and the department as a whole.”

In their nominations of Ormsby, students described the co-op coordinator as “patient, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, easy to work with, an amazing resource, and a wonderful person all around”.

“As someone who is relatively new to the CEE Department, I have been working hard to try get to know the students and become a trusted and valuable resource,” said Ormsby when asked about what the honor meant to her. “It feels incredibly rewarding to be recognized by the students for my efforts.”

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