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Congratulations Ivan Goryachev & Matthew Van Dyke

Ivan Goryachev & Matthew Van Dyke, both ME‘13 students, are recipients of the Spring 2010 Provost Undergraduate Research Awards for their project “Blue Light Project: Redesign of Photodynamic Therapy Device for Dermatological Treatment”. 

The Office of the Provost sponsors a number of undergraduate research projects during the current academic year. Awards up to a maximum of $1,000 are provided to support student research such as purchase of supplies, software, reference books, or travel to research sites and to present work at professional meetings. Team research is also supported and, in appropriate cases, the award amount is larger than the single-student maximum. Students must prepare a 1-2 page project description that states what research problem they will work on and how and where they will carry out the project. This description explains how the project adds insight into a process or system and reference current literature to place the contributions of the proposed work in the context of previous research. 

More information can be found here.

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