Dr. Beverly Jaeger – Olympic Line Judge

COE Gateway Faculty member, Dr. Beverly Jaeger, is a line judge for tennis matches at the Beijing Olympic Games.

Dr. Jaeger, a senior aca­d­emic spe­cialist in the depart­ment of mechan­ical and indus­trial engi­neering, finds par­al­lels between offi­ci­ating and teaching. “Working to develop better obser­va­tional and lis­tening skills has served well in each of these roles,” she says, adding that having a level of flu­ency in French and Spanish has improved her rap­port with pro­fes­sional ath­letes. “It is some­thing I am con­tin­u­ally trying to improve.”

Tennis has long played a cen­tral role in Jaeger’s life. At 11, she picked up a racket and began playing with her dad. “I just kept hit­ting the ball back,” Jaeger recalls. No finesse, no style, no game.”

In high school, how­ever, she played the No. 1 sin­gles posi­tion, and later spent time as a teaching pro while pur­suing both a mas­ters and a PhD through Northeastern’s depart­ment of mechan­ical and indus­trial engineering.

“The sport has enhanced my life in count­less ways through learning, playing, com­peting, teaching and offi­ci­ating,” Jaeger says. “It can be simul­ta­neous chal­lenging, hum­bling and enriching.”

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