ECE Students Win Best Poster at 2018 RISE Expo

Two Northeastern ECE graduate students, Kaustubh Shivdikar and Julian Gutierrez, along with external collaborator Tad Gallion and advisor Professor David Kaeli, led a team of 3 ECE undergraduates (freshmen), and received first prize for the top poster in the "Computer and Information Sciences" in the graduate category at the 2018 RISE Expo. This is the 3rd year in that past 4 years that the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Laboratory students have received the top poster award in the area of "Computer and Information Sciences." This year, they presented work on "The Prime Hexagon," a project that is looking to be the first team to find the next highest prime number. Prime numbers are very challenging to predict, and leveraging parallel hardware and parallel algorithms, are able to reduce the time to the next prime significantly. The approach is based on the work of Mathematican Tad Gallion, who is collaborating on the project. The project receives support from AMD and Supermicro.


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