Ed Galante Meets with Students from the Galante Engineering Business Program

Members of the Galante Engineering Business Program had the pleasure of hosting their namesake benefactor Ed Galante for their final event of the Fall semester. The former Senior Vice President of ExxonMobil, he spent the majority of his professional career with the company after graduating from the College of Engineering in 1973 with a degree in civil engineering. The Galante Program was thus established with the purpose of developing foundational business and leadership skills among technically trained engineering students in order to prepare them for careers in management roles.

This marks the first occasion that each of the students in attendance could meet and connect with Mr. Galante in-person, and as such they enjoyed the opportunity¬†to network before sitting as audience members for a fascinating presentation regarding his experiences and advice. Of particular interest was the topic of mobility post-graduation and throughout one’s career, with student Paul van Trotsenburg’s account as follows, “I enjoyed the perspective on moving with a family. I’m eager to pursue opportunities that grant me that same luxury in the future and will try to welcome changes as opposed to resisting them.”

We’re incredibly thankful for the wisdom Mr. Galante shared with our students and appreciate the value developed among them, confident that they too now have the resources to lead others with impact throughout their careers.

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