Gupta Publishes Book on Responsible Manufacturing

MIE Professor Surendra M. Gupta’s new book titled “Responsible Manufacturing: Issues Pertaining to Sustainability” (co-edited with Dr. Alqahtani, Dr. Kongar and Dr. Pochampally) has just been published by CRC Press. This book deals with Responsible Manufacturing which is concerned with developing strategies and methodologies for competitive and agile manufacturing technologies in response to evolving environmental sustainability and customer needs, as well as legislative and ethical standards, while maintaining profitability. It involves integrating environmental thinking into new product development, including design, material selection, manufacturing processes, and delivery of the product to the consumers, plus the end-of-life management of the product after its useful life. Organized in sixteen chapters, this book addresses several important issues faced by strategic, tactical, and operation planners of responsible manufacturing, using efficient models in a variety of decision-making situations and providing easy-to-use mathematical and/ or simulation modeling-based solution methodologies for the majority of the issues.

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