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Lee-Parsons Wins Excellence in Teaching Award

Chemical Engineering Associate Professor Carolyn Lee-Parsons recently received the Northeastern University Excellence in Teaching Award. Nominations for the Excellence in Teaching Awards are made by students. They consider several criteria, including depth of knowledge in the subject; ability to provide effective links among course content, research, and experiential learning; and the rigor of course content. The award recognizes members of Northeastern’s full-time faculty who have demonstrated a pattern of sustained excellence in teaching.

Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parson has consistently “demonstrated success as a teacher by combining competence in the subject matter with an ability to inspire students to higher levels of scholarship.” As an established researcher-educator, she draws from the engineering and chemical biology aspects of her research to enrich and competently teach her courses. At this time of tremendous growth in research at Northeastern, Carolyn serves as an important model of leveraging research to embody excellence in practice-oriented education in her courses, in mentoring undergraduate researchers, and in her service. Through her interdisciplinary research, she trained and mentored >60 undergraduates across 4 departments (Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemistry, and Biology).  She developed, taught, and served as the advisor to the Professional Master’s Program in Biotechnology (Engineering track, 2003 – 2012), developed the Biochemical Engineering Minor, and advised 2 student professional organizations in biotechnology since their inauguration at Northeastern (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering, International Genetically Engineered Machines). She recently contributed to the revision of a premier textbook in the field of Bioprocess Engineering.

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