More Funding Needed for Public Health Threats

In the Boston Globe opinion letter “Zika virus highlights how unprepared we are for public health threats”, Thomas Webster, Professor and Department Chair, Chemical Engineering and Art Zafiropoulo Chair in Engineering explains how we need global funding to combat viruses like Zika and other public health threats.

Most recently featured in the news for his expertise on the Chipotle norovirus, Webster now additionally advocates for the importance of detecting and curing another virus, Zika. He states, “The Zika virus is another example of something we are globally ill-prepared to treat. Coupled with Ebola, norovirus, and other outbreaks during the past year, it highlights our inability to detect and fight many viruses that threaten public health.”

Webster currently serves as President of U.S. Society For Biomaterials, and is passionate about using biomaterial science, engineering and technology for promoting human health and well-being.

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