Prof. Coury Facilitates Collaborative Biomaterials Interactions Between the US and China

Art Coury, University Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering has traveled to China three times since 2012. Most recently, he was in Chengdu in November 2015. Chengdu is the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province. Members of the US and Chinese National Academy of Engineering had a meeting to discuss “Grand Challenges in Bioengineering. “ There were eight members of the US NAE and eight members of the Chinese NAE. Delegates made presentations and discussed research.

During the same trip, Prof. Coury travelled to Haikou for the biannual meeting of the Chinese Society For Biomaterials. The third China/U.S. Societies for Biomaterials joint workshop on “Regulation and innovation in Biomaterials” was held in Haikou and co-chaired by Prof. Coury and Professor Xingdong Zhang (President of Chinese Society for Biomaterials). “We visited South China University of Technology in Guangzhou and we visited some companies as well for possible collaborations,” Coury says.

“At these workshops, we are trying to implement the harmonization of standards and regulations internationally, as well as sharing ideas in innovation for promoting collaboration,” Coury remarks.

Prof. Coury has been able to see the talent in engineering at Chinese universities firsthand; he spoke at Beijing University of Technology in 2012, Xi’an University in 2012, and gave a short course at Sichuan University in 2014. “They treat you with the highest dignity and respect. I learned a lot about their culture,” Coury notes.


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