Vittoria Awarded Patent

ECE Professor Emeritus Carmine Vittoria was awarded a patent for "Apparatus and method of measuring permeability of a sample across which a DC voltage is being applied ".

Abstract Source: USPTO

An apparatus and method, directed to measuring permeability of a magnetoelectric sample, are described. The apparatus includes a sample holder configured to present the magnetoelectric sample to a permeability analyzer for measurement of the sample's permeability, and to facilitate application of a DC voltage to the sample in a way that isolates the DC voltage from the permeability analyzer. The described apparatus and method may be used to measure the permeability values associated with the magnetoelectric sample with respect to a range of DC voltages applied to the sample, while protecting the measuring instrumentality from damage from the applied DC voltages.

Related Faculty: Carmine Vittoria

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering