Wang Receives Multiple Funding and Gift Awards from Industry

Portrait of Yanzhi Wang

Yanzhi Wang, assistant professor at ECE, has received multiple funding and gift awards from industry, including DiDi USA, Kwai USA, Snap Inc., Perception Inc., and Tencent USA. The DiDi USA grant is a $100K/year project focusing on real-time object detection and acceleration on mobile platforms for on-vehicle deployment, aiming at achieving high-accuracy and real-time (i.e., beyond 30 frames per second) in such object detection tasks. The remaining gift awards from industry will be used for focusing on mobile acceleration of generative neural networks (Kwai USA), focusing on deep learning for autonomous driving (Perception), focusing on resolution upscaling on mobile devices (Tencent USA), and focusing on the mobile acceleration of generative neural networks (Snap Inc).

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