Zhu Featured on Cover of Advanced Materials

cover of advanced materials

MIE Assistant Professor Hongli Zhu lab’s review of solid-state batteries is featured on the inside front cover of the November 1, 2019 issue of Advanced Materials. For the article “Solid‐State Batteries: Sulfide‐Based Solid‐State Electrolytes: Synthesis, Stability, and Potential for All‐Solid‐State Batteries“, Zhu’s lab comprehensively reviewed and updated the methodology, properties (structural and chemical), synthesis, and the development of sulfide-based all-solid-state lithium batteries (ASSB), including electrochemical and chemical stabilities of SSE, potential methods for scalable manufacturing and their applications in high performance and safe energy storage. They provided comprehensive and insightful information on sulfide-based SSEs and ASSB systems.

Related Faculty: Hongli (Julie) Zhu

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering