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Benjamin Woolston

Assistant Professor,  Chemical Engineering


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  • 617.373.2989


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Research Focus

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for sustainable biochemical production and human health.


Joins the Chemical Engineering department in January 2020.


  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 2011

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science

Research Overview

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for sustainable biochemical production and human health.

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • D.F. Emerson, B.M. Woolston, N. Liu, M. Donnelly, D.H. Currie, G. Stephanopoulos, Enhancing Hydrogen‐Dependent Growth of and Carbon Dioxide Fixation by Clostridium Ljungdahlii Through Nitrate Supplementation, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 116(2), 2019, 294-306
  • T.B. Roth, B.M. Woolston, G. Stephanopoulos, D.R. Liu, Phage-Assisted Evolution of Bacillus methanolicus Methanol Dehydrogenase 2, ACS Synthetic Biology, 8(4), 2019, 796-806
  • B.M. Woolston, T. Roth, I. Kohale, D.R. Liu, G. Stephanopoulos, Development of a Formaldehyde Biosensor with Application to Synthetic Methylotrophy, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2018
  • B.M. Woolston, J.R. King, M. Reiter, B. Van Hove, G. Stephanopoulos, Improving Formaldehyde Consumption Drives Methanol Assimilation in Engineered E. Coli, Nature Communications, 9(1), 2018, 2387
  • B.M. Woolston, D.F. Emerson, D.H. Currie, G. Stephanopoulos, Rediverting Carbon Flux in Clostridium Ljungdahlii Using CRISPR Interference (CRISPRi), Metabolic Engineering, 48, 2018, 243-253


Apr 10, 2020

Hoyt Awarded Ford Foundation Fellowship

ChE PhD student Katie Hoyt, PhD’24, won the prestigious national Ford Foundation Fellowship to support her doctoral research.


Jan 03, 2020

New Faculty Spotlight: Benjamin Woolston

Benjamin Woolston joins the Chemical Engineering department in January 2020 as an Assistant Professor.

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