Student Pathways Opening World Energy Resources

The Student Pathways Opening World Energy Resources  (S-POWER) program is an undergraduate scholarship opportunity for under-represented minority transfer students interested in completing an engineering degree at Northeastern University with aspirations of working in the energy sector. The program will provide transfer scholarships for up to 160 undergraduate and graduate students from Clark Atlanta University, Hampton University, Mass Bay, Middlesex and Northern Essex Community Colleges.

Funded with a $5 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation, this program is centered around providing students prior to as well as during their time at Northeastern with research, mentoring, career development, and education preparation with a focus on solving the grand energy challenges.

First cohort of S-POWER Scholars joins Northeastern
First cohort of S-POWER Scholars join Northeastern.

S-POWER Scholars Share Their Experiences

Students in the Student Pathways for Opening World Energy Resources program speak about how the S-POWER program is transforming their lives.