Design and Innovation in Engineering Minor

Design and Innovation in Engineering Minor


The design and innovation in engineering minor is designed for nonengineering undergraduate students who wish to explore and develop working solutions as an engineer to the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st century. The course requirements for the minor are designed to expose the student to the engineering elements necessary to solve the important problems facing society today and include value-sensitive design as well as the ethical and professional obligations of an engineer. The elective options offer a high degree of flexibility and exposure to the engineering design process, CAD, programming, micro-controllers-based projects, and mathematical computation. The aforementioned skills will be used for making interactive open-ended projects that address one of the NAE Grand Challenges. This provides more depth within the student’s discipline and improves future career opportunities. Students have an opportunity to model and analyze designs, applying many techniques engineers utilize to create and test designs toward implementation. The student, upon successful completion of the minor, will be able to apply value-sensitive design principles to determine a societal need and propose and build or develop a solution. Students apply teamwork, project management, CAD, and algorithmic thinking to the conception of a particular solution and deliver effective team presentations on engineering projects and topics.

Note: This minor is for nonengineering majors.


Students should email the academic advisor associated with the COE minor to request having the minor added to their record.

Program Contacts

Leila Keyvani Someh
Associate Teaching Professor,  First Year Engineering Program
Affiliated Faculty,  Civil & Environmental Engineering

Resilience Engineering, Engineering Education, Evidence-Based Teaching, Pedagogy, Progressive Collapse

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the academic advisor assigned to this program.