Co-op Preparatory Training—Multidisciplinary Master’s Program

Northeastern University’s College of Engineering has developed a preparatory curriculum designed to help each student succeed in industry. The following videos show real parts of the introductory course, Career Management for Engineers: ENCP6000, that students within the Multidisciplinary Master’s programs focusing on software, data, and network systems areas take to prepare for a co-op assignment. The curriculum gives students the knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the U.S. job market, going far beyond teaching students how to write a resume and cover letter. During the course, students are also introduced to networking, professional behavior and the mindsets that can help make them successful through the whole process.

The following segments of the full co-op preparatory course are applicable to prospective students as well as to anyone preparing to enter the workforce.

  1. Course Introduction – course goals and objectives for ENCP6000, Career Management for Engineers, which is the required course for multidisciplinary master’s students planning on going on a co-op
  2. Topics Overview – learn about all the topics that will be covered in the full ENCP6000 course
  3. Interviews with Students – hear what some of our students have to say about their co-op preparatory training
  4. Career Goals – learn how to write your career goals
  5. Positioning Statement – find out how to create a simple conversation piece, a positioning statement, to use for networking
  6. Resumes – step by step, learn what it takes to write a solid resume to use for job searching
  7. Cover Letters – gain valuable information and direction to develop an effective cover letter
  8. LinkedIn – take a walk through how to create a LinkedIn profile