Data Analytics Engineering Example Co-op Job Descriptions

Position 1. Data Analytics Co-op

As a member of the System Forecasting team, you will help to influence, shape, and optimize billions of dollars of investments over the next decade, ensuring our safe and effective transition into a clean energy future. The team strives for "best in class" data, analytics, and application practices, to help the organization build the most advanced Distributed Energy Resources (DER) forecasting in the nation from the ground up.

You will support the development of energy forecasts for Grid Modernization efforts. You will focus on data analysis for energy resource technologies such as Solar, Electric Vehicles, and Heating Electrification. You will collaborate with data scientists, analysts and engineers in teams across MA, CT, and NH. Assignments will focus on importing and curating data, performing analysis, and cooperating with other departments on data insights. Applicants should show an interest and be ready to learn about renewable energy and power systems. Students can expect a rewarding experience in an energetic and supportive environment.

Technical Knowledge/Skills:

  • Experience using Python
  • Data analysis, statistics, data visualization and machine learning basics
  • Previous experience with MS Azure, DataBricks, and SQL beneficial
  • Interest in energy delivery networks and/or renewable energy
  • Good communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and contribute ideas and solutions
  • Able to learn quickly and work enthusiastically in a fast-paced environment


  • Enrolled in a M.S. program in a quantitative field OR
  • Enrolled in a B.S. in Engineering, Data Analytics, Computer Science, or related program
  • Senior/Graduate level students are preferred

Position 2. Data Analyst/Data Science Co-op

Data Science and Advanced Analytics is part of the Global Data and Analytics organization. We are a center of excellence who use data, algorithms, and domain knowledge to help the organization automate and optimize business decisions. Our focus applications include but are not limited to forecasting, customer journey modeling, product recommendation, and personalized experience.

As a member of the team, you will be working closely with data scientists, data engineers and other functional roles to (1) perform exploratory and diagnostics analysis to answer critical business questions; and (2) conduct statistical analysis to verify hypotheses and evaluate experiment results and collaborate with stakeholders to design and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Identify, extract, and transform data from various sources to uncover facts and trends in business KPIs – to answer, “what happened”, “what is happening” or “what is going to happen.”
  • Come up with hypotheses on “why it happened” and methodically verify these hypotheses in a data driven way. This includes identifying and augmenting external data sources that were not available previously.
  • Build predictive models to project “what is going to happen” and evaluate the performance of marketing experiments or other tests in a statistical fashion.
  • Document and present analysis results and findings with stakeholders at all levels.

Basic Qualifications

  • Currently pursuing a master’s in Data Analytics, Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics or similar field
  • Proficiency in SQL with proven ability to write complex queries
  • Proficiency in using Python (preferred), R or other programming languages and relevant packages for data analysis, visualization and hypothesis testing
  • Foundational knowledge of statistical modeling, A/B testing, machine learning, and optimization
  • Strong analytical problem-solving skills
  • Exceptionally detail-oriented with polished written and verbal communication skills
  • Be a critical thinker who values the importance of always putting data into the appropriate context
  • Must be a team player, and have a hunger to learn

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with paid media and CRM data/tools
  • Familiarity with Google BigQuery
  • A background with Agile development/scrum frameworks

Position 3. Data Engineering Intern

As a Data Engineering Intern in the Advanced Forecasting and Modeling Team, you will be reporting to the Lead Engineer of Modeling, building automation processes for large scale power system models, probabilistic workflows, model clean up, and PV interconnection processes. Your work will focus on ensuring (Senior) Engineers around the Company, in System Planning, Distribution Engineering, and DER Planning have accurate and up to data digital models of the Company’s power system to ensure the Company can meet its clean energy enablement goals.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Work as part of the advanced forecasting and modeling team responsible for the input and output of large amounts of data and system models to help build the Company’s automation framework for power flow studies
  • Work closely with others on the data and development teams, as well as cross-functionally with engineering teams in system planning and DER Planning.
  • Identify, gather, and transform data from a variety of sources
  • Normalize complicated data sources to convert potentially unusable data into a format that can be efficiently used by software and/or employees
  • Develop automated workflows across the PV interconnection and system planning/modeling process
  • Automate data clean up processes and steps
  • Maintain documentation for best data practices
  • Learn industry standards and best practices surrounding data analysis to continuously improve our team and systems by implementing them
  • Learn and understand basic processes and engineering challenges utilities face in a high DER environment
  • Build dashboards, reports, and presentations to share analytical insights with stakeholders and business leaders