Mechanical Engineering Example Co-op Job Descriptions

Position 1. Medical Device

The applicant will assist in the development and analysis of products, materials, processes, or equipment. Under direct supervision/guidance, compiles, analyzes and reports operational, test, and research data to establish performance standards for newly designed or modified products, processes, or materials.

Key Responsibilities

  • Undertakes and successfully completes simple or basic project/product
    development tasks to include any of the following: writing and/or verifying
    specifications, maintaining product/process documentation, testing
    processes, equipment, raw materials and product, and validating equipment
    and processes
  • May assist in inventing / creating concepts and designs/approaches for
    new products/processes/test methods
  • Designs, procures, and fabricates simple tooling and fixtures
  • Designs and coordinates engineering tests and experiments
  • Prepares standard reports/documentation to communicate results to
    technical community
  • Completes basic tasks on engineering documentation
  • Train technicians/operators on new processes and/or test procedures
  • Identifies areas for improvement, suggests solutions, and submits idea records
  • SolidWorks knowledge is a plus

Quality Systems Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build quality into all aspects of their work by maintaining compliance
    to all quality requirements

Position 2. Robotics


  • analyze and test components and subsystems for robotic vehicles
  • interface with designers to develop documentation and manufacturing
    specifications for components
  • build prototypes and interfacing with technicians in assembly and
    testing of components and sub-assemblies
  • perform stress, thermal and performance analysis on parts and

ME interns with shop experience, mill, lathe, general shop tools, sheet metal work, and prototyping simple fixtures preferred. Software skills needed: Solidworks, ProE, Labview and Excel. Interns must be motivated and eager to learn industry concepts, have excellent communications skills, and be a team player.

  • Build prototypes and interface with technicians in assembly and testing of components and sub-assemblies
  • Perform stress, thermal and performance analysis on parts and sub-systems


  • Undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering


  • Hands-on experience valued highly
  • Software skills: Solidworks, ProE, Labview and Excel

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Must be motivated and eager to learn industry concepts
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be a team player and able to get along with individuals from other
    groups in the organization

Work Conditions:

  • Fast paced, demanding and fun

Position 3. Robotics

Responsible for mechanical engineering tasks in a production environment. Must be able to work in a fast pace engineering/production environment and meet critical deadlines and have fun doing it. The candidate should be familiar/proficient with SolidWorks as it will be used on a daily basis. Candidate should also be familiar with Excel.


  • Assist engineers in design aspects of various autonomous underwater
    vehicles, while using design analysis including, but not limited to
    buoyancy, vibration, stress, and pressure
  • Create concepts for vehicles that meet the requirements desired by the
  • Investigate and correct problems in current vehicle designs
  • Cleanup old models and drawings to ensure they are up to date
  • Cleanup Bills of materials to ensure that they are up to date and call
    out the correct parts for ease of manufacturability
  • Work with machine shops to have new parts created
  • Work on engineering change orders
  • Convert/create drawings in SolidWorks
  • Go out with the Hydroid team and help run missions with the vehicles for
    testing in open water

Position 4. Alternative Energy – Test Engineer

The Test Engineer Co-op will be a key team member in an aggressive product development effort to develop next generation portable power systems. As part of a multidisciplinary team, the Test Engineer Co-op will have broad responsibility for managing and characterizing electrochemical test systems for novel battery products.

Primary responsibilities

  • Understand electrochemical tests procedures
  • Compile and analyze test data
  • Build a database of existing battery life data
  • Summarize performance under various test conditions
  • Interact with engineers and researchers
  • Perform root cause analysis

Specific Skills/Abilities

The position requires a high level of judgment, individual drive and flexibility to work in a rapidly developing entrepreneurial environment. The successful candidate will be a resourceful problem solver with excellent interaction skills, capable of rapidly integrating observations and results into subsequent product development activity. The candidate must be highly organized and detail-oriented.


  • Candidate for a bachelor degree in engineering or the sciences
  • Experience in electrical and electrochemical testing is preferred
  • Some experience developing and testing power storage products (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors, etc.) is preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills; including demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Access is strongly preferred
  • Programming experience in VBA or equivalent is strongly preferred

Position 5. Product Development, Consulting

Co-ops will be required to perform the following duties:

  • Vendor Contact
  • Component Research
  • Material Research
  • Basic Design tasks as able
  • Solid modeling and drawings in Pro/Engineer and Solidworks
  • Engineering support
  • Evaluation of designs for moldability and manufacturability
  • Participation in brainstorming activities with industrial design and engineering


Applicants should have a basic understanding of mechanical design tasks, advanced understanding and experience on Pro Engineer Wildfire 2 and/or SolidWorks, an ability to understand mechanical drawings, and excellent written and oral communication skills. Interested applicants are willing to engage in a wide spectrum of mechanical engineering disciplines and should be passionate about mechanical design. They must have completed at least one co-op prior to working at Altitude. Applicants with an understanding and experience using 3D surfacing techniques in Pro/Engineer or SolidWorks, tolerancing, injection molded plastic design and Mechanica are a plus.

Position 6. Product Development, Consulting

Assist various senior level engineers in the design and development of a wide variety of medical, consumer and analytical products. Specific tasks include the following: Design, assemble, test and debug engineering breadboards and prototypes; Design and build test fixtures; Order parts, identify components and specifications, obtain part quotations; Perform data collection, testing and analysis; Assist in data organization and report generation; CAD layout and detailing; General office support Qualifications: The following abilities are a definite plus: Pro Engineer or SolidWorks experience; Machine shop experience; Mechanical design experience.

Educational Level:

  • Junior
  • Senior

Position 7. Product Development, Consulting

This Mechanical Product Design coop will be designing parts and assemblies as well as building and testing prototypes. Specific projects will be highly varied with some work for outside clients and some for internal projects. The coop will work directly with the company founders in a fast-paced and hands-on office environment. Development tools used by coops include SolidWorks, CNC Machining and FDM rapid prototyping.

We’ve just brought in a new CNC machine and have a new FDM rapid prototyper. Students will get trained and run both of these – fun stuff!

Position 8. Aerospace

2 positions:

Assistant Process Engineer
  • Assist process Engineers to establish and improve component repair processes. Create and update work instructions as required. Interface with shop personnel to work through and solve various engineering issues. Participate with restructuring activities to build repair flow lines Participate in Root Cause and Corrective Action teams. Specific skills to be gained from this assignment: Knowledge of various repair processes and creating work instructions more specific to surface treatments (plasma spray, HVOF, shot peening, surface coatings, etc.) Knowledge of reprocessing parts to flow lines Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications Knowledge of Autocad/Unigraphics/or other CAD systems Knowledge of how to perform effective Root Cause and Corrective/Preventive Actions Exposure to robot programming.
Design/Development Engineer
  • Roles include component design and testing, life mgt., aerodynamic and thermodynamic design, performance, stress analysis, vibration analysis, and engine tests. Most projects rely on PCs or workstations to utilize modeling techniques. Engine Services roles provide the unique experience of working hands-on with engine components and component repair processes. Most projects require constant interaction with engineering and customer support staff. Mfg. roles include cycle time reduction, product flow, workstation design and tooling, material handling, and environmental health and safety. Materials roles provide opportunities to evaluate and characterize materials and processes for use in aircraft engines.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA, unrestricted work authorization

Position 9. Commissioning Agent and Energy Efficiency

The co-op position requires some understanding of the whole building commissioning process. The co-op student should have the ability to write functional performance tests. The co-op will interact with trade contractors and lead the testing of building systems. The position requires some background and interest in the construction process, building systems troubleshooting and the ability to write sections of the final commissioning report.

Responsibilities may include the following:

  • Keep abreast of latest Energy Efficient Technologies and advancements
    and distribute new information to colleagues
  • Utilize utility screening software to evaluate projects for incentives,
    twenty year cash flow projections and payback analysis
  • Evaluate and determine the feasibility of various cogeneration systems.
    Will utilize cogeneration software to determine Return on Investment, twenty
    year cash flow analysis and comparative economic analysis of these systems
  • Provide detailed cost estimating for building systems and energy
    efficient technologies
  • Perform analysis of day lighting, building controls and renewable energy
    technologies for cost and energy savings


  • Interest in Energy Efficiency Technology
  • Experience with Excel and PowerPoint needed
  • Ability using life cycle cost analysis software including PowerDOEII is a plus