Global Experiences


Engineers of the 21st century need to be multifaceted and global to address the ever-evolving and complex challenges of the world. At Northeastern’s College of Engineering, a variety of global experience opportunities—from short- to long-term—are available to students to expand their knowledge and help them develop as innovative and global next-generation engineering leaders.

Student Benefits

  • Explore new cultures and places
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Learn about international issues important to the engineering field
  • Gain global work experience
  • Fulfill academic requirements

Chemical Engineering Research Co-op in Switzerland

Chemical Engineering student Hannah Boyce shares her unique experience conducting research abroad at ETH Zurich, one of Europe’s leading biotech institutions.

Global Co-op

student in winter hat and coat posing in Berlin with building architecture of location in background on water

Students can pursue a six-month global co-op in over a dozen countries. New industry and research opportunities for engineering students have been added in such countries as Germany, Singapore, Panama, Tanzania, Italy. Please discuss a global co-op with your engineering co-op coordinator as you formulate your comprehensive co-op program.

Global Co-op

Dialogue of Civilizations

Dialogue of Civilizations

The Dialogue of Civilizations Program is a series of “global student exchanges” between students at Northeastern University and students around the world. Several engineering dialogues are offered—from climate change in India to design and innovation in England. Each Dialogue of Civilizations program has its own eligibility requirements.

View scheduled offerings.

Study Abroad

Students can choose to study abroad at a number of different universities throughout the world through the Northeastern-sponsored study abroad program. This experience can be for either a semester or could even be a short-term, faculty-led program. Informational programs are offered to students in the Study Abroad Office in 401 Richards Hall weekly. Past students have studied engineering at such schools as Queens University of Belfast, Ireland, and Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia where a specific curriculum plan has been developed for engineering students.

Engineering students who wish to pursue study abroad should contact: Bailey Marcus Brousseau, Academic Advising, 147 Snell Engineering Center, (617) 373-2154, Email:

Study Abroad

Student Organizations


The Engineering Without Borders student organization aids communities in developing countries by using engineering solutions to address basic human needs, such as the need for potable water—all the while supplying student members with educational, transformative experiences. Students have traveled to Panama, Honduras, Uganda, and other places.

Engineers Without Borders

Global News

How can we make robot cars safer? Northeastern student examines emerging technology as part of co-op in Germany

Robotics graduate student Srinivas Peri, MS’24, is completing a six-month co-op at TWT Science & Innovation in Germany, where he is researching and developing autonomous vehicle solutions.

Traveling the World to Connect Biology, Computing, and Data

Andrea Chávez Muñoz, E’24, bioengineering, is focusing her future on computational bioengineering, with co-op and internship experiences everywhere from Boston to Switzerland to her home in Lima, Peru.

Lab Experiences Lead to Co-op Work in Switzerland

Gwyneth McNamara, E’24, chemical engineering and biochemistry, has gained extensive laboratory experience working co-ops at two Cambridge, Massachusetts pharmaceutical companies. She is now applying that experience, along with her engineering skills, in a third co-op at a university lab in Winterthur, Switzerland.

‘You Have the Power to Make Change.’ Sustainability Trips to Brazil Earn Professor Northeastern’s First Global Educator Award

ChE Associate Teaching Professor Courtney Pfluger received Northeastern University’s inaugural 2023 Global Educator Award. The award recognizes the contributions of faculty to students’ global learning and acknowledges and celebrates the value of these experiences to Northeastern’s students and to our mission as a global university. Pfluger’s work on developing meaningful cooperative partner projects, including nine Dialogue of Civilizations visits to Brazil since 2013, made her nomination stand out.