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Bridge to Engineering MS Degrees for non-Technical Backgrounds

Transform Your Career

The College of Engineering offers MS degree programs specifically designed for students with bachelor’s degrees in non-STEM or non-technical fields. The core curriculum provides the foundational knowledge for students to advance in the program. Students can build upon their undergraduate degree and transition their career into the high-demand technology sector with an engineering master’s degree.

Information Systems – Bridge

The Master of Science in Information Systems-Bridge (MSIS-Bridge) addresses the needs of the digital revolution by preparing students with non-STEM, non-technical bachelor’s degrees to become information systems professionals. Students join the program from over 25+ non-STEM fields, including the arts, architecture, nursing, legal, and more. After completing three core courses, students gain the engineering foundation needed to excel in the classroom and in the IT sector. Upon completion students earn an MS in Information Systems degree. No programming experience is required. No pre-Calculus or other high level math background is required.

Energy Systems Academic Link

A version of the MS in Energy Systems program is available for students with first-year calculus, physics and chemistry in their undergrad studies, but no prior exposure to thermo-sciences. Named Energy Systems Academic Link (AL), students take two core courses that cover topics across thermal sciences and math along with the general energy systems curriculum, giving them the foundational skills necessary to gain the skills needed to create and implement energy solutions. They confer an MS in Energy Systems degree.

MS in Data Science ALIGN

The Khoury College of Computer Sciences and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Northeastern University jointly offer an interdisciplinary Master of Science in Data Science specifically designed for students with a BS or BA degree from all backgrounds as part of the ALIGN program.