Incoming Students

Pre-College Programs for High School Students

Are you interested in a taste of what Northeastern University engineering students experience in the first year?  Then attend our intensive, experiential, and project-based program for high school students: the Engineering Innovation & Design (EID) summer camp or the Bioengineering Immersion summer camp!

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Required Equipment

  • Recommended Computer
    In addition to your computer, we highly recommend that students purchase a mouse for use with AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
  • Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit – v4.0
    Available from Sparkfun (
  • Safety glasses are required in the First Year Engineering Learning & Innovation Center. There are safety glasses available, but we highly recommend that students purchase their own.

Common First-Year Curriculum

The first year of engineering at Northeastern is a common curriculum in which all students regardless of intended major enroll in math, chemistry, physics, GE 1000 Introduction to EngineeringGE 1501 Cornerstone of Engineering 1 and GE 1502 Cornerstone of Engineering 2.

Through these courses, special seminars and social activities, students are provided an opportunity to explore the different engineering majors currently offered at Northeastern University. Students are supported by one-on-one meetings with their academic advisor several times a year to help them register for courses and plan their academic career in the college. Students are challenged with real-world service learning projects.

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Intro to the Study of Engineering1 SHCornerstone of Engineering 24 SH
Cornerstone of Engineering 14 SHCalculus 24 SH
Calculus 14 SHPhysics 1 + lab + seminar5 SH
General Chemistry + Recitation4 SHElective
College Writing4 SH

This course, required for all new engineering students in their first semester, meets weekly and focuses on decision-making and tools for success in studying engineering. Designed to facilitate the transition from high school to college and from living under direct parental influence to an environment of more independent responsibility, this course is taught by academic advisors and upper-class engineering students. A student’s GE1000 instructor serves as the student’s advisor for their first-year year.

First-year courses are scheduled to facilitate the formation of study groups and new friendships. For example, whenever possible, the schedules are organized so that students in a particular section of first-year engineering will also be in the same chemistry, English, and math sections.

First-year engineering students can elect to reside with other first-year engineering students in the Engineering/Connections Living Learning Communities (dedicated floors in a first-year residence hall). Incoming students indicate this preference when registering for housing.