Undergraduate Admissions and Information Events

Information Sessions

In addition to the Northeastern Visitor center, which is open Monday-Friday with staff and students to answer your questions, the Undergraduate Admissions office hosts a series of virtual experiences for students to explore such as virtual admission sessions as well as virtual college sessions and prospective events. View a schedule and register for on campus information sessions and tours.

Building Bridges

A day for high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to learn what engineering is all about. Students choose from a menu of hands-on interactive activities led by our engineering faculty and students from each of our departments. “Building Bridges” days are typically held in November/December and in April/May annually.

Contact: For more information, please visit STEM Building Bridges.

Admitted Student Events

Virtual events, videos and more are available during the Spring for students accepted into the College of Engineering and their guests.

To register for a session, visit your Application Status Check to access the Virtual Welcome Platform, and click on the College of Engineering exhibitor page.

Through these virtual experiences you’ll learn more about our programs and be able to ask questions of our faculty and students.

For more information, please e-mail Rachelle Reisberg at r.reisberg@northeastern.edu.