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Martin Essigman Outstanding Teaching Award

The Award recognizes and rewards outstanding College of Engineering educators for excellence in teaching and for contributions to the art of teaching. This teaching award is established to confer honor upon individuals whose inspiration and contributions to student learning are truly significant.


  • All faculty that have completed at least three consecutive years of teaching experience in the College of Engineering are eligible. Full-Time faculty must have taught at least two different classroom or laboratory courses per year during two out of the past three years.  Part-Time faculty must have taught at least one course during two out of the past three years.
  • Past recipients are not eligible for a period of five years after receiving the award.


All candidates must have:

  • demonstrated success as a teacher by combining competence in subject matter with an ability to inspire students to higher levels of scholarship;
  • improved the tools of and/or conditions for teaching (e.g., including the revising or writing of new textbooks, and the development of courses, curricula and/or laboratory or other teaching equipment); and
  • consistently demonstrated teaching effectiveness in a manner that substantially exceeds the normal expectation for a faculty member.


A committee will be appointed by the Dean of Engineering to select award recipients.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be initiated by Engineering students, faculty, department chairs or directors. Complete nominations are required NO LATER THAN April 8, 2020.

The nomination packet should consist of ONE pdf file emailed to (separate emails will not be accepted) containing the following:

  • one letter of nomination including the names of the nominator(s) and the nominee which should include the rationale for the nomination and pertinent accomplishments; the letter will be preferably one page and a maximum of two pages in length;
  • a letter of support from the COE department chair or director, if not included among the nominators above;
  • an updated CV of the nominee;
  • a maximum of three letters of support from current or former students and/or Engineering colleagues.
  • Additional required information
    • number of years of full-time NUCOE faculty service that the nominee has
    • list any graduate and undergraduate students this nominee has supervised in the past three years
    • list of courses the nominee has developed or revised
    • list any books the nominee has written
    • list laboratory or teaching materials the nominee has created
    • list other instructional contributions the nominee has provided
    • A summary of the courses that the nominee taught for the past THREE years using the following headings PLUS attach copies of all TRACE evaluations (with student comments).
      •           Course Name                      TRACE Overall     TRACE Overall Instructor
        Year     & Number     Enrollment    Course Rating        Teaching Effectiveness   .

If you have any questions, please email

Past Recipients

2020 Stratis Ioannidis ECE
2020 Courtney Pfluger ChE
2019 Sagar Kamarthi MIE
2018 Carolyn Lee-Parsons ChE
2017 Yusuf Ozbek MS/GSE
2016 Annalisa Onnis-Hayden CEE
2015 Marvin Onabajo ECE
2014 Daniel Dulaski CEE
2013 Nader Jalili MIE
2013 Carolyn Lee-Parsons ChE
2012 Andrew Gouldstone MIE
2012 Beverly Jaeger MIE
2012 Hossein Noorian MIE
2011 Charles DiMarzio ECE
2011 Rifat Sipahi MIE
2009 Stefano Basagni ECE
2009 Albert Sacco, Jr. ChE
2009 Behrooz Satvat Graduate Coop
2008 James Benneyan MIE
2008 Bridget Smyser MIE
2008 Waleed Meleis ECE
2007 Daniel Burkey ChE
2007 Philip E. Serafim ECE
2006 Bradley Lehman ECE
2006 John Rossettos MIE
2006 Katherine Ziemer ChE
2005 Hanoch Lev-Ari ECE
2005 Yiannis Levendis CEE
2005 Rajiv Shridhar MSIS
2004 Dionisio Bernal CEE
2004 Francis DiBella SET
2003 Joseph Healey MSIS
2003 Waleed Meleis ECE
2003 Sinan Muftu MIME
2002 Elliot Chikofsky MIME
2002 Bahram Shafai ECE
2001 Jack Hanania ECE
2001 Behrooz Satvat ChE
2000 Susan Freeman MIME
2000 David Navick CEE
1999 Gregory J. Kowalski MIME
1999 Philip E. Serafim ECE
1999 Joel R. Weinstein SET
1998 Jennifer Black MIME
1998 Richard Murphy MIME
1998 Richard Stewart ChE
1997 Jeffrey Hopwood ECE
1997 Thomas Sheahan CEE
1997 Jerome Tapper SET