Fostering Engineering Innovation in Education Award

The Award recognizes outstanding College of Engineering educators for their extraordinary efforts during the past year to enhance our students’ knowledge, skills and ability to innovate as 21st century engineers. Specifically, nominees will have demonstrated fostering of technological innovation or innovative engineering design, with sustainable value for society, in undergraduate engineering courses that bridge between first year cornerstone and capstone experiences, or in graduate courses.


  • All faculty in the College of Engineering are eligible.
  • The award is presented to individual faculty members and/or a group of faculty members who collaborated on a project.
  • Past recipients are not eligible for a period of five years after receiving the award.


All candidates must have:

  • demonstrated record, in a lecture or laboratory course, of integrating competence in subject matter with concepts of innovation such as curiosity in the investigation and creating value for society through the application of engineering skills;
  • demonstrated development and or enhancement of course materials, methods of teaching, classroom or laboratory experiences, and/or writing of new textbooks that instill principles of innovation in students; and
  • consistently demonstrated teaching effectiveness in a manner that substantially exceeds the normal expectation for a faculty member


A committee will be appointed by the Dean of Engineering to select award recipients.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be initiated by College of Engineering faculty, department chairs or directors. Once the nomination process has concluded, the respective department chair for each faculty nominee or manager for each staff nominee will be contacted to complete a Recommendation Form before all materials are sent to the appropriate Awards Committee for evaluation.

The nomination packet should consist of ONE pdf file submitted through the Faculty Nomination Form (multiple submissions for the same nomination will not be accepted) containing the following:

  • one letter of nomination including the names of the nominator(s) and the nominee which should include the rationale for the nomination and pertinent accomplishments and a list of examples of the nominee’s actions to integrate a project and technology innovation in course content; the letter will be preferably one page and a maximum of two pages in length;
  • an updated CV of the nominee(s);
  • a maximum of three letters of support from current or former students.

If you have any questions, please email

Past Recipients

2023Courtney PflugerChE
2022Nicholas BrownMGEN
2021Kal BugraraMGEN
2021Kevin ParkerMIE Co-op
2020Mohammad DehghaniMIE
2019Edward BeighleyCEE
2018Taskin PadirECE
2017Susan FreemanFirst Year Engineering
2017Lucas LandherrChE
2016Waleed MeleisECE