Excellence in Mentoring Award

This award is established to confer honor upon individuals whose inspiration and contributions to faculty, staff, or student development are truly significant. This award is also established to honor any individual who has mentored students or colleagues or has advised student clubs/organizations.


  • All faculty and staff in the College of Engineering are eligible.
  • Past recipients are not eligible for a period of five years after receiving the award.


A committee will be appointed by the Dean of Engineering to select award recipients.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be initiated by College of Engineering staff, students, faculty, and administrators. Each nomination must, however, be submitted to the chair or director of the candidate’s academic unit for review and approval prior to submission to the Dean’s Office. Once the nomination process has concluded, the respective department chair for each faculty nominee or manager for each staff nominee will be contacted to complete a Recommendation Form before all materials are sent to the appropriate Awards Committee for evaluation.

The nomination packet should consist of ONE pdf file submitted through the Faculty Nomination Form or the Staff Nomination Form (multiple submissions for the same nomination will not be accepted) containing the following:

  • one letter of nomination including the names of the nominator(s) and the nominee which should include the rationale for the nomination and pertinent accomplishments; the letter will be preferably one page and a maximum of two pages in length;
  • a maximum of three letters of support from current or former students and/or Engineering colleagues.

If you have any questions, please email fac-staff-awards@coe.neu.edu.

Past Recipients

2023Krystal RistainoUndergrad Advising
2023Carolyn Lee-ParsonsChE
2023Yingzi LinMIE
2022Kaushik ChowdhuryECE
2022Sagar KamarthiMIE
2022Kathryn Schulte GrahameFYE
2021Manny MelachrinoudisMIE
2021Jasmine SunARC
2021Mofei XuMGEN Co-op
2020Laura MeyerMGEN Co-op
2020Marilyn MinusMIE
2020Sandra ShefelbineMIE
2019Cheryl ArrudaMIE Co-op
2019Deniz ErdogmusECE
2018Ozlem ErgunMIE
2018Nikolai SlavovBioE
2017April GuCEE
2016Dana BrooksECE
2016Andrew GouldstoneMIE
2015Jackie IsaacsMIE
2014Allen SoysterMIE
2013Richard HarrisStudent Services
2013Hameed MetghalchiMIE
2012Anand AsthagiriChE
2012Rachelle ReisbergStudent Services
2007David KaeliECE
2006Beverly JaegerMIE
2006Albert Sacco, Jr.ChE