Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT)

The Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Network (CURENT) mission is to build a more reliable, secure and efficient electric grid transmission system that uses renewable energy sources.

CURENT is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.

CURENT multi-university Engineering Research Center (ERC) including University of Tennessee, Knoxville (lead) and Northeastern University.

CURENT will develop transforming technologies to allow reliable operation of the electric transmission infrastructure across vast distances and over multiple time scales. Perhaps the most important technical challenge over the next several decades will be how to address energy needs without heavy reliance on fossil fuels. The electric power system transmission infrastructure must play a critical role in any viable solution.

The CURENT vision includes (1) a nation-wide or continent-wide transmission grid that is fully monitored and dynamically controlled in real-time for high efficiency, high reliability, low cost, better accommodation of renewable energy sources, full utilization of energy storage, and accommodation of responsive load as well as (2) a new generation of electric power and energy systems engineering leaders with global perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

For more information contact:

Ali Abur
University Distinguished Professor,  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern Director,  CURENT

Power system monitoring, estimation and optimization, fault location and identification in power grids