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George Adams’ work leads to popular theory bearing his name

Do a Google search for the “latest earth­quakes 2015” and you come up with more than 300,000 hits, sites listing quakes from Chile and Turkey to Alaska. 

Patent Awarded to CHN

A new patent, "System and method for integrating a single nanowire into a nanocircuit," was issued this week to CHN researchers Sivasubramanian Somu, Ahmed Busnaina, Nicol McGruer, and George Adams.

Nanowire into Nanocircuit

Sivasubramanian Somu (MIE), Ahmed Busnaina (MIE), Nicol McGruer (ECE), & George Adams (MIE) were awarded a patent for their method of integrating a single nanowire into a nanocircuit.  The nano-electromechanical switch uses carbon nanotubes as the actuation element.  

Busnaina, Adams & McGruer Receive Patent

MIE Professors Ahmed Busnaina & George Adams, and ECE Professor Nicol McGruer have been awarded a patent for their “Bistable nanoswitch”.