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Louiza Wise kayaks near Emerald Tutu floating wetlands off the East Boston Coast.

Apr 11, 2024

Finding Natural Solutions to Protect Coastal Communities

Louiza Wise, E’21, environmental engineering, is passionate about tackling climate change threats with nature-based solutions. Her College of Engineering experiential education and research experience, along with work at the NSF-funded Emerald Tutu project, has prepared her for graduate school and the next step in her career.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 09, 2024

Aiding Communities of All Sizes with Clean Water and Renewable Energy

Three unique co-ops helped Rotem Leshed, E’24, environmental engineering, see the endless possibilities as an environmental engineer in a changing, climate-focused world. They also gave her the chance to make an impact on local communities.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 08, 2024

Using Co-op as a Stepping Stone Towards a Full-Time Career

Magdalene Sexton Dwyer, E’23, civil engineering and architectural studies, found that her civil engineering ambitions were influenced by her architectural work on co-op and her service-based extracurriculars. By combining her academics with her personal goals, she decided to focus on affordable and sustainable housing.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 05, 2024

Taking Advantage of a Long-Awaited Co-op Abroad

After her Dialogue of Civilizations in her first year got cancelled, Reem Gawish, E’24, civil engineering, waited until her third and final co-op at F-1 in Singapore for the opportunity to go abroad, but the experience was more than worth it in the end.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 01, 2024

Bioengineering Student Takes Management Consulting Co-op in Saudi Arabia

Third year bioengineering student Yousif Elaidi is developing management and consulting skills on a co-op in Saudi Arabia, which he sees as transformed from his childhood visits into an international crossroad for businesses from multiple regions.


Mar 11, 2024

Working for an Environmental Engineering Opportunity Worth Having

Between two co-ops both abroad and in Boston, Charlotte Andrews, E’24, environmental engineering, MS’25, engineering and public policy, has figured out what role she wants to play in the environmental engineering field.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Mar 01, 2024

Using Civil Engineering to Make Boston a Better City for All

Emily Urbanski, E’24, civil engineering, knew from the start that Boston was the right place to be as a civil engineer. After two co-ops and plenty of on-campus involvement, her hope is to change the city’s transit system for the better.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Feb 23, 2024

Exploring a Wealth of Options to Pursue Unique Educational Paths

Julia Treese, E’24, chemical engineering, started her Northeastern journey in the Explore program. After three co-ops and a variety of extracurriculars, she has found that biotech is her calling.

Chemical Engineering