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Jan 17, 2019

The Long Road to Happiness

This software engineer took the long road to happiness SEATTLE – The journey of 6,000 miles began in Taiwan where Ching-Chi “Amanda” Chang, MS Information Systems 2018, was launching her career as a TV reporter. She realized, with discouraging alacrity, that it wasn’t for her. “I hated it,” said Ching-Chi, who today goes by the […]

Multidisciplinary Masters (IT Areas)

Jan 09, 2019

Journey Leads to Facebook

She crossed the globe for Northeastern-Seattle. She stayed for Facebook. Qifei “Rose” Lu, MS Information Systems, 2018, was leading her guests on a tour of Facebook. The cafeteria and its neighboring amphitheater. The snack stand. The espresso bar. The common work stations, the outdoor balconies overlooking Lake Union, the foosball and ping-pong tables of the […]

Multidisciplinary Masters (IT Areas)

Jan 09, 2019

A Super Great Experience

“I think that at the beginning it is kind of hard for everyone if you have never been to the United States. Once you get an understanding of how things are done and to do things like how to upload homework or find information, you get that it’s a super great experience,” said Lisandro Mentasti, […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 15, 2018

Dream Co-op to Full Time Job

“I’m using my undergrad experience and my graduate experience that I built upon for my professional experience,” said Vineel Kondiboyina, MS, Bioengineering 2018. For many students, it is a dream to co-op with a company, end up loving the experience, and later ending up working for that company full time. For Vineel Kondiboyina, that is […]


Nov 09, 2018

A Powerful Combination

Ankita Pradeep, MS Data Analytics Engineering 2019, got her undergraduate industrial engineering degree in India. Back at home, she worked in the logistics industry for two years. There, she gained experience in data analysis, which drove her interest to the field and inspired her to apply to the brand-new Data Analytics Engineering master’s program at […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 02, 2018

A Fork in the Road

Zhuohan Yu, MS, Data Analytics Engineering 2021—It’s a lot easier to pick a career path when you first enter school and follow it. It’s harder to find out along the way that what you’re studying isn’t what you want to be doing. The hardest part is deciding to change your path and starting a new […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 01, 2018

Dell EMC Co-op Leads to Patent

PhD Computer Engineering student Yifan Sun has been awarded a US patent while completing his co-op at EMC. This patent is 1 of 5 patent applications that have been submitted by Dell EMC listing Sun as a co-inventor.  Yifan Sun is a member of the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Laboratory. A student went off to […]

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Oct 30, 2018

Ready for the High Demand Field of Data Analytics

After he did his first master’s in bioengineering, Zhenyuan Lu, MS Data Analytics Engineering 2019, realized that data analytics was something he was also very interested in. He chose Northeastern’s Data Analytics Engineering program for the variety of practical courses and the co-op program, allowing him to apply his knowledge in the real world. “The […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering