2016 CEE Faculty Awards

Congratulations to Annalisa Onnis-Hayden, Dan Saulnier, and Steve Cranford on awards they received at this year’s COE faculty and staff ceremony and the CEE brick ceremony:

Martin W. Essigman Outstanding Teaching AwardAnnalisa Onnis-Hayden
This award celebrates a faculty member who has demonstrated success as a teacher by combining competence in subject matter with an ability to inspire students to higher levels of scholarship; improved the tools and conditions for teaching; and consistently demonstrated teaching effectiveness in a manner that substantially exceeds the normal expectation for a faculty member.  Annalisa truly embodies these characteristics and the line of students waiting to speak with her during office hours is a testament to her role as an educator and mentor to many.
Outstanding Cooperative Education Coordinator Award Dan Saulnier
Dan’s commitment to preparing students for successful cooperative education experiences, strong relationships with current and prospective co-op employers, and support he provides to students has not gone un-recognized.  This year, he was the recipient of the Outstanding Cooperative Education Coordinator Award, an award that also recognized his ability to provide superior service to students by developing and maintaining a rich and robust set of high quality co=op opportunities.
CEE Excellence in Teaching AwardSteve Cranford
This award recognizes a CEE faculty member who exhibits a passion for and keen knowledge of the course material; organizes and delivers a course in a way that helps students learn and promotes their interest in the subject area; and shows concern for student learning and welfare.  Steve has a unique way of incorporating pop-culture references into lectures to keep students engaged.  His compassion and understanding make him extremely relatable and students seek his advice for classes, careers, and life.



Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone for their hard work and dedication during the 2015-2016 academic school year.

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