A Journey in Data Science and Analytics

Shivam Negi, MS’18, information systems, had a passion for data science. As a student, he was a research assistant contributing to funded projects for international organizations such as the United Nations. He also had a co-op as a data analyst at Boston Children’s Hospital. Today, he is a senior manager of data science and analytics at Walmart.

Shivam Negi embarked on his academic journey at Northeastern University in the fall of 2016, enrolling in the Master of Science in Information Systems program. Today, Negi is the senior manager of data science and analytics at Walmart.

During his time at Northeastern, Negi’s academic excellence and passion for data science earned him a position as a research assistant, where he contributed to projects funded by international organizations, including the United Nations. These experiences not only deepened his understanding of data science but also enhanced his technical skills with real-world data sets.

Reflecting on his education, Negi credits the immersive curriculum, experiential learning, including a co-op as a data analyst at Boston Children’s Hospital, and supportive community at Northeastern with equipping him for his career.

Prior to joining Walmart, Negi worked at Amazon, where he immersed himself in an environment ripe with analytical challenges. His work developing machine learning models significantly improved Amazon’s supply chain operations, leading to cost savings and operational improvements.

In his current role at Walmart, Negi has continued to drive innovation, notably in GenAI and Large Language Models (LLM). He contributed to the development of a GenAI-powered summarizer application, revolutionizing Walmart’s approach to text processing and comprehension, which propelled the adoption of advanced AI technologies. He also worked on benchmarking LLMs and evaluating their usage for applications like topic modeling, named entity extraction, and summarization.

Negi’s work in machine learning operations has optimized the efficiency and robustness of Walmart’s AI systems, while his foresight in developing resilient data warehousing and robust system designs has empowered Walmart to harness valuable insights from extensive datasets. His leadership in predictive modeling has achieved cost savings and operational improvements.

Moreover, his industry benchmarking analyses have offered critical insights into Walmart’s industry standing and performance, As Negi advances in the dynamic realm of data science and analytics, his career is marked by resilience, continuous innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence—an inspiring testament to the power of education and the opportunities it creates.

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