Ahmed Busnaina gives Keynote at Sensors Global Summit 2015

Ahmed Busnaina will give the plenary keynote, "High-Rate Nanoscale Printing for Sensors, Energy and Materials Applications", at the Sensors Global Summit conference in La Jolla, CA on Tuesday, November 10.

The NSF Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN) has developed a new nanoscale printing process that can use a variety of nanomaterials and can print onto a variety of substrates with nanoscale resolution match the present state of the art silicon electronics circuit line width. Last year, the center developed and built a fully-automated robotic cluster tool system that prints at the nanoscale to make products that fully take advantage of the superior properties of nanomaterials. Because of its relative simplicity, the fully automated Nanoscale Offset Printing System (NanoOPS) is expected to eliminate some of the high cost entry barriers to the fabrication of nanoscale devices for sensors, electronics, energy, medical, and functional materials applications.

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