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An Incredible Co-op Experience at NASA

Elizabeth Wig, E’20, electrical engineering, had co-op experiences at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

“My co-op experience was an incredible opportunity! I worked with the F-18 supersonic aircraft. My project involved equipping these supersonic planes with ADS-B, a way for aircraft to communicate their GPS position and velocity data to each other for air traffic control purposes. While these systems are common on commercial aircraft, this was the first time they had been installed on an airplane going faster than sound. It was really exciting to see the how NASA does so much groundbreaking work from the inside and to talk to a variety of people whose work makes advanced aeronautics and space exploration possible, from the human factors team researching how to keep people alive and comfortable in extreme conditions, to the scientist who designed gliders based on the wings of an albatross and discovered why birds don’t need wingtips. And I loved being able to play even a small role in the work going on there.”

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