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Andrew Jones Receives Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program Award

andrew jones

ChE Assistant Professor Andrew Jones has received a Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program (M2AP) award for 2019-2020 to develop “An agile management team in systems and environmental research.”  The M2AP award, provided by the ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development, inspires and empowers faculty to create options for career planning and mentoring to meet annual career goals.  This funding will allow Professor Jones to seek executive coaching to deploy best practices from business and industry in his laboratory.  This will foster a culture of individual and communal responsibility that allows for rapid onboarding and innovative integration of students’ experience to maximize productivity.  The M2AP award will also enable Professor Jones to host a webinar led by the executive coach, focused on interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, inspiration, and resilience in the academy.  This opportunity will be made available to all members of the Northeastern community.

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