ARL Grant to Improve Cybersecurity and Robustness in Additive Manufacturing

MIE Professor Sinan Müftü and Assistant Professor Ozan Özdemir were awarded a $1.5 million research grant by the Army Research Laboratories (ARL) to spearhead innovative initiatives in cybersecurity and enhancement of mechanical robustness in parts and coatings produced through Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing. This research project is a collaborative effort with MIE’s Associate Professor Xiaoning (Sarah) Jin, Professor Mo Taslim, Professor Sagar Kamarthi, and Assistant Research Professor Ahmad Nourian Avval, and ECE’s Professor Yunsi Fei and Assistant Professor Xiaolin Xu.

The research will focus on implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity measures and improving the mechanical durability of components and coatings manufactured using Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing techniques. This interdisciplinary approach will provide solutions to critical challenges in both national defense and industrial applications.

Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing is known for its potential in producing high-performance components, but enhancing the mechanical robustness of these parts while maintaining the highest cybersecurity standards is a complex and vital endeavor. The COE team is poised to make significant contributions in these domains, fortifying the future of materials engineering and security measures.

About Army Research Laboratories (ARL): The Army Research Laboratories (ARL) is the U.S. Army’s central laboratory for scientific and engineering research and development. ARL plays a pivotal role in supporting national security and technological advancement by providing innovative solutions and advancements in various research areas.

Related Faculty: Sinan Müftü, Ozan Ozdemir, Xiaoning “Sarah” Jin, Mohammad E. Taslim, Sagar Kamarthi, Ahmad Nourian Avval, Yunsi Fei, Xiaolin Xu

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering