Beam Management in mmWave Networks Using Deep Waveform Learning

ECE Principal Research Scientist Michele Polese, Assistant Professor Francesco Restuccia, and Professor Tommaso Melodia were awarded a patent for “Coordination-free mmWave beam management with deep waveform learning.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

A system and method for beam management in a wireless network are provided. A learning module having a trained classification module processes received I/Q input samples to determine transmitted beam information of incoming RF transmissions. The learning module includes a beam inference engine to determine waveform characteristics of incoming RF transmissions, and an angle of arrival engine operative to determine an angle of arrival of the incoming RF transmissions on an antenna array. An incoming RF transmission and angle of arrival are selected based on the determined waveforms for beam management operations.

Related Faculty: Michele Polese, Francesco Restuccia, Tommaso Melodia

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering