Building Skills to Last a Lifetime

Archit Nigam completed his co-op as a software engineer at Bracebridge Capital, LLC in December 2022. Bracebridge Capital is a Boston-based hedge fund manager that oversees assets for a diverse, sophisticated, global investor base that includes endowments, foundations, pensions, and more.

Nigam believes that Northeastern University’s Information Systems program has helped him evolve into a more intuitive, dynamic software engineer with a customer-centric approach to software development. He was able to design applications and databases for complex use cases after his first semester. Nigam used this skill to ace the interview at Bracebridge Capital, where he engaged in a lively discussion about database design with his reporting manager, who was impressed with his insights.

The support of Northeastern University, which included writing cover letters and resumes as well as optimizing LinkedIn profiles, was useful to Nigam. Via the different on-campus and online networking events and professional development initiatives, he was able to establish connections.

At the business intelligence department of Bracebridge Capital, Nigam worked on the research team. Building internal tools and automating crucial business procedures that reduce human effort, time, and resources were his main responsibilities while on co-op. His proficiency with C# proved to be quite helpful as one of his duties involved creating a tool that synced the repository of outdated database files with the live database. Nigam’s cloud expertise was also helpful because the goal was to create an infrastructure that needed little to no human oversight. Nigam’s job required him to have a thorough understanding of framework development and was required to reverse engineer an obsolete framework to build a new one with better architecture, coding practices, and tests.

Nigam gained proficiency in algorithms, web application development (front-end and back-end), application and database design, and architecture through his Northeastern coursework. He hopes to create a diverse technology stack with innovative projects that can be scaled to real-time industry-level applications and currently is studying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Following graduation, Nigam wants to work for a company that values utilizing automation, user experience, and security to enhance people’s lives. He hopes to be given the chance to keep developing new, impactful applications that are customer-centric and sustainable. He states that software may help people live simpler lives and that apps must be created with the needs of the user in mind. Nigam says, “I am an avid believer in the benefits of ethical and secure usage of Artificial Intelligence and I hope to contribute to a secure, sustainable technological world.”

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