Can biomaterials offer novel therapeutic strategies against COVID-19?

Thibault Colombani (ChE Postdoc), Zachary Rogers (ChE PhD’23), Loek Eggermont (ChE Postdoc), and ChE Assistant Professor Sidi A. Bencherif’s paper on “Harnessing biomaterials for therapeutic strategies against COVID-19” in Emergent Materials was featured in the News Medical article “Can biomaterials offer novel therapeutic strategies against COVID-19?

Biomaterials science has a pivotal role to play in pushing the boundaries of emerging technologies for antiviral research and treatment. In this perspective, Colombani et al. discuss how biomaterials can be harnessed to develop accurate COVID-19 infection models, enhance antiviral drug delivery, foster new antiviral strategies, and boost vaccine efficacy. These efforts will not only contribute to stop or mitigate the current pandemic but will also provide unorthodox platforms to understand, prevent, and protect us from future viral outbreaks.

Related Faculty: Sidi A. Bencherif, Thibault Colombani, Loek Eggermont

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