CEE Professor Ganguly receives funding grants from NASA Ames and US DOE's PNNL

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Auroop R. Ganguly has received two funding grants, one from NASA Ames via the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAERI) for machine learning in earth sciences and engineering and another from the US Department of Energy's (US DOE's) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for network-based cyber-resiliency analysis of critical infrastructures. 

The NASA award, entitled "Machine Learning in the Earth Systems Sciences and Engineering", will develop and adapt methods in Artificial Intelligence for Satellite Data Processing across a range of applications in earth systems sciences and engineering, specifically, flood hazards damage and extent mapping, vegetation and carbon monitoring, as well as anticipatory flood and weather extremes risk analysis, with a view to supporting NASA missions related to carbon monitoring and the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX). 

The PNNL award, entitled "Cyber-Based Contingency Analysis of Interdependent Infrastructure Networks under Uncertainty" will develop and adapt methods in Network Science and Engineering for cyber-resiliency of interdependent critical infrastructures with a focus on contingency analysis, to support the missions of PNNL's National Security Division, in collaboration with researchers from PNNL, RPI, and the VOLPE center. 

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